Thursday, May 6, 2010

Demolish The 'Killing Machine' !

No one can think, that a busy place,could turn into a devastating one within a few hours! No, I am not saying of any kinds of natural calamity or disaster,which could be of severely devastating! So many innocent people, who were killed , before they could get escape anyhow from such unexpected attack ! Yes, ‘the killing machine’ Ajmal Kasab, with few other co-terrorists, conducted such inhumane killing operations,in Mumbai, on 26/11/08. Nobody can wipe out thisevent of horrible carnage from its mind still now ! A file picture can depict, that Kasab was enjoying such ‘clymax’of remorseful carnage one after one, during the ongoing operation, as carried out by him with his co-terrorists companion.! It is unbelieveable ! Can a ‘flesh and blood’reflect such devilish gestures of enjoying on human’s blood-shed or ruthless death, as executed by itself ? Yes Kasab could do so -beyond anyone’s perception or anticipation !
Now he has been awarded ‘death sentence’, by the court. I think of its very futility,as compared to what greater damage ,that had been brought by him, in terms of the numbers of death as well as huge loss of property !
“”We, the Indian citizens all, must not waste any more time, for such execution of death penalty,as awarded by the honourable court” ! In this connection,we must not entertain or regard further supporting or favouring from anyone (except the supreme court) Kasab anyway,that might alter this ‘death penalty’ ! We must not bear anykinds of ‘compassion’ or soft-sentiment in our mind at all !
Very clearly to say, we, the major Indians today, do want to sea “Kasab’, to be dead as early as possible as a paradigmatic step towards crime conducted!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kishenli's challenging proposal !

Maoists leader ‘Kishenji’, has initiated a challenge like proposal, towards stopping anykinds operations conducted , by the ‘joint troops’.Isn’t it rediculas? Nor daring? How can a leader of terrorists group, propose such imprudently? It is a response in reaction to the home minister’s proposal to the maoists, for abstaining from any types of violence, at least for thre consecutive days only,as to generate an environment of starting talks with them. On behalf of a government democratically elected, Mr,Chidambaram has done enough in proposing what to the maoists. On the contrary, a leader of a terrorists’ group like ‘maoists’, daringly has thrown a challenge to the Indian government! It looks like a vex or despise to our democracy indeed. We can not either entertain or tolerate such ‘arrogance’.
It is expected that, Indian government must handle this ‘challenging proposal’,in strict hand without any doubt or hesitation. In an environment of ‘democracy’,someone can demand anything possible,irrespective of any violence or devastating involvements in this regard. Kishenji’s proposal reflects an ‘indirect threat’ to the nation’s democracy as well as country’s sovereignity well.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Environment Protection;India Must Consider Its Own Situation Above All.

A strong emphasis as well as an extensively disrupted ‘hue and cry’ for preserving the environment of this living planet, that has been generated from the western countries, who were indeed, industrially developed well from very earlier days,when the major countries in the world,were at the back seat of that journey. The industrially developed countries all then followed ,’ go as you like’ policy in operating their business in an open field of industry.With a view to, making more and more money.such big players did run their industries all in haphazardly without paying the required attention towards preserving the environment at all. Even, they did set up many industries in different countries without caring or considering the important factors,that could impact the environment surrounding areas at all. Thus, year after year, huge profits have been earned by those industrially developed countries, by contaminating the world in all respects extensively, like air,water,soil etc, even jeopardizing the human’s life also. The very clever and shy industrially developed countries all, when found that, their accumulated accounts for contaminating the earth,had already been crossed the danger lavel. Soon , they began to shout for protecting the living planet from further contamination .Because,their fired bullets, have been about to piercingtheir nations..
They began to gossip profusely embedded in the reel of scientific examples or approaches, on environment protection that is acutely needed for saving our planet, by proposing various rules and regulations, those are to be implented in constraint manner. Now,they are ready to run their business by compelling other developing&under-developed countries to be with them in such mission,through transferring necessary knowledge & technologies, with a view to making a cleaner world.They all know very well, that the developing& under-developed countries would never be able to manage sufficient funds for such implementation of their suggested technologies.They even also, are prepared to lend necessary money in this regard of implementation, to the incapable countries.

We,as being Indian, do not disregard such ‘mission’ for protecting the environment of this living planet. But, at the sametime,we must consider our existing situation and own problems above all. Taking with 1.2 billions of populations of our country,where a vast number of unemployed youngsters,who are crowding the employment exchange offices, in increasing order day after day. We can neither stop any uneco-friendly industry at all, nor can undertake any suggested measures for rectifying those defectives in total immediately, rather than constituting a new industry for creating extra employment opportunities.We must invest ‘our limited funds’ in making new industries properly, as to mitigate a lnunber of unemployed youth,although it might be little!

Yes, more projects for forestation , that should be undertaken vigorously as fer as possible without any hesitation or delay. Beside this,we must consider and support as well,to those who can’t live withput wood. We should have special care for them,as to relieve their anxiety and threat for loosing guarantee of their life. Considering these important aspects all,we must then undertake the possible steps towards the preservation for surruounding environment of us. We must not treat the ‘mission’ for environment as futile, that would have been been undertaken accordedly worldwide.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Copenhagen Summit; Undesireable Deal Of The US.

It is all but true, that The US has profusely been contaminated the global environmen, by rendering fatal 'carbon emission' evolved from both domestically and industrially. Domestic use includes, use of AC accommodated ambiences,personal vehicles and others The government of the US can't resist or govern the giant industrialists all, who are recklessly engaged in polluting the atmosphere not only the own country but also globally as well.Big industrialists are seen to be enjoying such priority of undue nature,that they are not being forbidden at all, putting much pressure onto them. The giant industrialists of the US, are manipulating the adminstration of the country in the angle of their higher contribution to the nation's economy.The government remains silent looking at those entreprenures. The US government digest easily, such 'Blackmailing Factor' of economic contribution to the country. The 'hue and cry' that raised by The US profusely,is now open to all. Considering the greater interests of big industrialists of its own country,the American government has been playing a discriminatory role before the world. America has been shouting much of other nation’s ‘carbon emission rather than looking at its own. The index of cutting 'carbon emission' of the US, respect to the year 1990,was stipulated at 40%.But the present government has intended to cut the same by 17% respect to the year 2005.Here,the present government has been engaged in violating the agreement as it were made earlier.Thus the US,wants to overlook its own responsibility in this crucial matter of cutting ‘carbon emission as stipulated earlier.At the same time the US also pointing out another country’s fault. It is an undsireable dealing of the US.A big pioneer country in the road of preserving the global environment,exhibiting its own irresponsibility to the world.Not only that,the US,has continuously putting pressure on other developing and under-developed countries to cut down their carbon emission beyond the lavel of what it should be.It is indeed, an illogical approach in the name of preserving the global environment, whence the US,itself has intended to cut its qwn ‘carbon emission’by 17% instead of 40%. As earlier,the US,affirmed to cut its carbon emission by 40% respect to the base year 1990.Now the US has been emphasizing more upon cutting down of domestic carbon emission of many countries.

In this context,the US,has been putting pressure indirecttly upon the countries like,India, Pakistan,Bangladesh and all other African countries.Because, these countries have no such updated infrastructure,as they all could consume adequate electricity to suit their domestic needs as to control ‘carbon emssion’. On the other hand, the US and other developed countries,ares capable to provide sufficient electricity to its citizens all. In this regard,the US, should judge considerably well all about the situation prevailing on.
In fact, one matter should be taken to our consideration,that all developed countries have contaminated the global environment at random earlier through the process of industrial development. Because their industrial progress has take place earlier than the present developing countries in the world. The developed countries all previously ,had run their industries incontrolbelly according to their desire and whim as well.And for this reason,the developed countries all,should shoulder on every responsibility and burden of such’accumulated contamination’ of the worldevolved through random emission of carbon that evolved from reckless industrial set up.The measurement of such recklessly emitted carbon, would be undeniable to the US at least. Now,why should industrially less developed nation now,sould account for such offencives as commited by those developed countries? Who will measure this gigantic offence of accumulated carbon emission ? Who will concede this guilty among the developed countries in the world? Truly,there is none to admit such fault !Because the developed countries all have distinctive position of height, before the developing and under-developed countries in the world. They must not bow down their head at all..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Division Of State; Humiliation Of Indian Sovereigniyu;

We the Indians, have been suffering from a disease like ‘seperatism’ severely.Such quckly spreadable desease dominating as well as jeopardising the Indian democracy.Indian politics is both’missionless’ and ‘visionless’ as well. Today, we prefer to remain as being separatedone rather than be unted. We have forgot the lesson “unity is the strength”. We have become more desierous of ‘ independent existence’following this grimous trend of ‘separatism’. It is studied well, that whenever development is not taking place in any larger portion or part of the state,due to political unrest or imbalance distribution of miscellaneous facilities,then others,opponent political parties find the way of separating the said state as the solution.Such depraved and opportunistic leaders raise hue and cry and continue violently,inhumanly or by creating sentiments of provocative nature as the turmoils ges survived..A relentless protest in favour of such division or separation of the state by pledging and highlighting the golden future of the divided part goes on everywhere throughout the state.The devout leaders impulse and motivate the public towards an uncertain future that the apparent crave public can’t understand its impact. The reckless leaders all, highlight on that, how they have been deprived of their procurable facilitiesthat are avoidable from the respective state administration .It is not wrong at all, to demand the procurable facilities for the deprived section of the society from the government of the state. With a view to solve the long awaited unsolved.problem of any part of the state, raising a demand for separate state,can’t bring any significant betterment in future. It can not be the only solution.It would be wise to find an innovative way to solve the problem rather than demanding for separate existence by making a separate meet the demand..
Finding possible solution for the existing problem which is long lasitng, leaders of opponent should urge for such implementation before the present government as well as to the centre. Demand for balance facilities all that should be procurable to everyone, does not necessarily mean to divide the state at all.Have there any guarantee that such division of state, could provide the same or better facilities as they aspire for. If, someone claims so, then, an opportunistic intention or attitudes of the protesting leaders could be found out latter on. For the instance,the case of ‘Jharkhand,could be stated. Also,how far the development has been taken place in ‘Uttarakhand’ and ‘Chattrishgarh’, could be a matter of discussion for its verification. No, any development, could come through such division. Application of such ‘divisive principle’ with a view to achieving better future for any section or part of the state, would definitely inflict the Indian democracy and integrity. It must be a dangerous approach, in keeping our sovereignity intact. . Continuation of such application to devide any state according to certain section’s need or demand, would humiliate not only ‘Indian Democracy’ but also give the birth to ‘fragile sovereignity’and ultimately,would imperil our ‘independence’, that we have acquired through a great revolution, in future.
In this context,centre should adhere to such sectional problem ,emphasizing on required development as far as possible, which pertaining to the state,and even in the case of different politics sustained in respective state. It is a joint responsibility of centre and the affected state,as to mitigate such problem arisen,with a view to resist the fatalism of division of the state further.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mass Media; Denying Its Accountability To Our Society?

Mass media organizations all, have been considered as being the ‘educator’ as well as the ‘path finder’or guide of the society. Mass media can mould or motivate the socirty people in the right direction and way. In fact, still now the media organizations almost, can command such ‘respect and regard’ over the society people. In our faster lifestyle,where ‘a hard nut to crack’ competition has significantly been dominating our life. Not only, we have been facing severe troubles a lot, from such insurmountable competition prevailing on the society,but also losing the ground as well as the guarantee for our existenceas well. In such cloudy sky of any profession or business,where a trival scope has rarely been glittering that could be hopeful in such darkness ! Mass media, could act as ‘lamp lighter’ to the needy society people,as to support that how to go ahead in proper direction. Mass meda all,are-the ‘vigilant’ of the society, can impulse the society people by disseminating the different types of messages or contents in diverse manner to its’ numerous audience, as to motivate them according to the situation arisen prevailing the society.
But,it is oftenly seen that the mass media, have widely been engaged in presenting the caterable contents to its users according to the sponsor’s desire or whim irrespective to its(contents) standard or conformity to the major common people’s standard of living. The contents almost, which are being disseminated by the mass media concerns, are almost one sided, irrelevant and even carrying vulgarity and indecency.Although, such matter of displeasure could probably be unappreciable to the media organization also,and have to concede the same silently, looking at the self interests overall...It is undenieable indeed that self-interests can’t be avoided. But to what extent, self interests would be elongated? In preserving self interests so blindly,the mass media concerns all today, have tactfully been bypassing the minimum responsibility that is to be performed by thum for the sake of so many aspired society people.As to increase their revenues by any means,the mass media have bowed down their heads all to the alleged and opportunists sponsors.Contents of the media have considerably been going below the optimum standard as we need at least.Mass media by and large,have been carin,g at a straw for the society people and itsdignity as well.

Mass media today,have been seriously engaged in developing as well as strengthening the business boundaries and economy of the sponsors all, who share a considerable amount of their increased profit as an revenue expanses, by rendering a huge amount of advertisement to them. The economic growth of the sponsors all, are neither undesireable nor objectionable practically, as such economic upliftment or enhancement of the business enterprises or organizations all, is always welcome to the society . Because those all organizations ,could claim their significant contribution to the respective national economy definitely. Mass media organizations all, at this situation, would require to develop optimistic contents very keenly and carefully for its users as if,the discontentment within the sponsors, could be moderated by insulating their interests duly intact. Without humiliating sponsors’ interests, mass media might emphasize on healthier contents, that could inspire so many illiterates and unwary rural users. Because everyone in the rural society, is not so updated as well as cautious as compared to the urban users.Mass media organizations all, should turn their views, particularly on this overlooked area of every society of any nation or country.
Both in, under-developed or developing countries,where a greater portion of the nation, can not acquire the living standard so high as compared to the developed countries.But it is experienced that the contents in the serials,drama,films or any other entertainment programs or any others, that are presented particularly by the television as well as the radio,have been reflecting the high standard lifestyle profusely now and then , which do not match to the users’ life at all. Thus, a notional attitude generally be produced within the audience largely.Aand that is baseless and meaningless to their life. An imbalancement naturally, produces prevailing that society, respect to the attainment of such high standard of living In all respects,such backwarded major people of these two countries (developing and under-developed) usually,create complicacy within their family own as well as within the society, where they belong to. in achieving beyond the reach standard of living. In different manners the presented contents as delivered by the mass media, find a suitable place for cultivating such ‘over whelming’ lifestyle which does never conform to the capability of those aspirants within the users or audience of rural sector. The rural people, do take the fruits of ‘media cultivation’ aggrievedly.without any materialistic perception.
So, at the present situation, mass media organizations would require to initiate humble caring and attention to this greater part, for making suitable messages for the users with a new mission and vision as well. ‘Filtered Content’, that has wider conformity to the average people’s life style as it could fit well and accepted widely, as to suit their needs and purposes overall. Messages or contents should appear in the mass media as the reflection of the major users life,works,culture and customs fashion heritage etc.- where they could find themselves in new window -but with an additional room for re-assessment or re-driving or any other measure for rectification-which could shape or form a well being society of consciousness and self-control.
Mass media.should never be satisfied in rendering huge informations to the society only.Informations such rendered, should come to the reach of average people of the society, as usableas and beneficial as well. Profound coverage in the form of- ‘news’,’views’, ‘stories’ .’articles’in print media- ‘serial’,’drama’,’discussion’’special programme’,both in radio and television-should come as useful to those viewers who constitute a larger portion of media audiene indeed..