Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Environment Protection;India Must Consider Its Own Situation Above All.

A strong emphasis as well as an extensively disrupted ‘hue and cry’ for preserving the environment of this living planet, that has been generated from the western countries, who were indeed, industrially developed well from very earlier days,when the major countries in the world,were at the back seat of that journey. The industrially developed countries all then followed ,’ go as you like’ policy in operating their business in an open field of industry.With a view to, making more and more money.such big players did run their industries all in haphazardly without paying the required attention towards preserving the environment at all. Even, they did set up many industries in different countries without caring or considering the important factors,that could impact the environment surrounding areas at all. Thus, year after year, huge profits have been earned by those industrially developed countries, by contaminating the world in all respects extensively, like air,water,soil etc, even jeopardizing the human’s life also. The very clever and shy industrially developed countries all, when found that, their accumulated accounts for contaminating the earth,had already been crossed the danger lavel. Soon , they began to shout for protecting the living planet from further contamination .Because,their fired bullets, have been about to piercingtheir nations..
They began to gossip profusely embedded in the reel of scientific examples or approaches, on environment protection that is acutely needed for saving our planet, by proposing various rules and regulations, those are to be implented in constraint manner. Now,they are ready to run their business by compelling other developing&under-developed countries to be with them in such mission,through transferring necessary knowledge & technologies, with a view to making a cleaner world.They all know very well, that the developing& under-developed countries would never be able to manage sufficient funds for such implementation of their suggested technologies.They even also, are prepared to lend necessary money in this regard of implementation, to the incapable countries.

We,as being Indian, do not disregard such ‘mission’ for protecting the environment of this living planet. But, at the sametime,we must consider our existing situation and own problems above all. Taking with 1.2 billions of populations of our country,where a vast number of unemployed youngsters,who are crowding the employment exchange offices, in increasing order day after day. We can neither stop any uneco-friendly industry at all, nor can undertake any suggested measures for rectifying those defectives in total immediately, rather than constituting a new industry for creating extra employment opportunities.We must invest ‘our limited funds’ in making new industries properly, as to mitigate a lnunber of unemployed youth,although it might be little!

Yes, more projects for forestation , that should be undertaken vigorously as fer as possible without any hesitation or delay. Beside this,we must consider and support as well,to those who can’t live withput wood. We should have special care for them,as to relieve their anxiety and threat for loosing guarantee of their life. Considering these important aspects all,we must then undertake the possible steps towards the preservation for surruounding environment of us. We must not treat the ‘mission’ for environment as futile, that would have been been undertaken accordedly worldwide.

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